To Kill A Mockingbird

Hey everyone, this is Maggie from Chelmsford High School.
Our Fall Play this year is To Kill A Mockingbird, so you all probably read it in class before.
The show is going to be awesome, so come on and check it out!

To Kill A Mockingbird
Thurs. November 16
Fri. November 17
Sat. November 18
Tickets: $7 for adults
$5 for students
McCarthy Auditorium, Chelmsford

Thanks! I hope you make it!

Improv Anyone?

Hey, it's Sam from Lexington. Since the year is coming to an end, the improv group at our high school is performing more and more. We have three more shows in June coming up and we'd love to be able to perform for people from other towns.

The LHS Improv Troupe is made up of 14 high schoolers and is mostly student run with a faculty adviser. Our shows last generally from an hour to an hour and a half. We do mostly short form games (Who's Line type stuff), but end the show with a long form. The shows are in the Blackbox theater (Rm. 200) at LHS and will probably be free or a recommended donation of $2 (so still free basically).

The show times are:

Thursday, June 1st at 7:30 PM
Tuesday, June 6th at 7:30 PM
Last show in late June TBD

We'd love to see people from other schools. If you have any questions or are interested in coming, please comment and I'll get back to you quickly. So if you wanna spice up a week night, come down to see some high school improv!

Want to do a show this summer??

Have you been looking for a great show to do this summer with fun people??

Then come to the New Place Players summer show audition!!

The New Place Players is an awesome community theatre group that puts on a musical every summer and other periphreals around the year, now is the time to come!

The show for this summer is Stephen Sondheim's "Anyone Can Whistle". It is a lesser known show, but it is hilarious! The auditions are open and everyone one is welcomed!

Audition Info:

What: Anyone Can Whistle Auditions
Where: Bishop Connolly High School, Fall River, MA
When: Tuesday May 30, 6pm
What you need: Be prepared for a short dance audition (we teach you it!), have a piece of a song and be ready to have fun!!

**If you cannot make this date call director Chris Silva at 508-493-1923 to set up a date before the 30th to audition.

I hope you all can come!!!

LOVE, Cryst
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Awsome job to everyone that was at ipswich for prelims!! and good luck to everybody at semis!!! competition just rocks!!

also, major props to Human Kind, the play itself was great, and then, it was original! omg, that just made it more amazing, awsome job guys

I saw the pictures of duxbury, and it looks like a awsome theater!, couple questions though, first, is there a fly system for that fly space? i can tell there is fly space, are the electrics white? it seems like they were, and that would be retarted, i just wasn't sure, also, does that second catwalk do much good? it seems too far away to do anything, these were thoughts from the pictures, it looks awsome, i just would have had a black celing and darker colors, actually one last thing, its got the polished wood front, do you guys cap that at all? ours has one too, some people just don't understand the glare you get! lol, and we actually made a masonite cover that is painted black for it

also, along the lines of theaters, what did people who have been to the Ipswich IPAC think of the theater? any comments about it? good or bad.. i always am like "omg, this theater is so much better then ours" but there is worse then ours, i was just wondering!


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meg from Notre Dame Academy ('the twitting' from 'Cagebirds' the one who dies at the blackout)- we were in hingham this year
festie ws awesome this year- i was so impressed with all of the shows i saw.
mad props all around.
::tips hat::
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Hey everybody! Enjoy competition while you can!! lol, coming from a alum, i go to northeastern now and found my own little niche in the theater department there, even while being a buisness major, lol, and i shall be timing you if you're gonna be in ipswich on saturday, you better not go over!!!

so to everyone out there getting ready, have fun! don't forget it's about the fun!!


p.s., stoneham tartuffe last year, omg so funny, i wish i could see it again!
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I'm a new member of this community and i'm shocked i actually found it lol.

I'm from Bellingham High. This is my/our school's third year going to DramaFest.

We just finished two one act plays. We usually do one one-act alongside the one-act that we bring to DramaFest. This year we did The Crazy Mixed Up Island of Dr. Moreau, it was a parody of the book/several movies of the same title although it was very different (in fact I'm suspicious if it is just different enough to not require getting permission from anyone) I played Dr. Moreau. And the one we are bringing is called The Spirit of Life, it's made up of several true stories of the holocaust.

We just started our full-length for the spring, it's Alice in Wonderland, I got casted as Humpty Dumpty and the Queen of Hearts' Executioner.

I'm also directing one of our school's first Student-Directed plays, it's The Princess and the Pea.

Well, I guess there's nothing much more to say.

Is anyone else here going to be in Attleboro for the Festival.
bunny suit

director's meetinggggg

the director's meeting is THIS SATURDAY!!!!!

by saturday night, we'll all know where we're going for prelims! ahhhh!!!

are any of you directing your festival shows/going to be at the meeting? let me know, i'll be there!
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Westford Academy Theater Arts presents:

                  CRY HAVOC

at Westford Academy January 12, 13 , 14 at 7:30

tickets are $5 and can be purchased before each performance


please comment with questions or IM me at MaRC8988.

ruining the show U?

winter concert

My school Watertown High School in Massachusetts is having it's WINTER CONCERT (featuring the WHS band, chorus, a cappella choir, and orchestra) The chorus and a cappella choir will be singing the Finale from Les Mis school edition as advertizement for the show (opening night is at the end of march) I will be in the chorus, a cappella choir (SOPRANO 1 BITCHES!), and the band (TENOR SAX PRIDE!) come if you want. it starts at 7pm. in the auditorium.
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